Community Education

A key aim of the Manor is to offer education in the community. This means working with schools and colleges of further education, advising the public sector such as in education, health and social services, organising workshops for the Manor’s own congregation, and training teachers to assist instructing and ministering to the needs of the congregation and the wider community.

Study Groups

Weekend classes and extended courses teach indepth krishna consciousness. In some cases they lead to qualifications such as Bhakti shastri, valuable for those wishing to take up further responsibilities in the service of community and in their own lives.

Anyone can sign up for seminars to learn aspects of devotional practice, including yoga, ayurvedic health, vegetarian cookery, relationship skills, or philosophy.


The Manor regularly hosts student conferences of krishnasoc, a network of over 25 krishna Consciousness societies in uk universities and colleges, including ten in and around London. These societies make spirituality fun, bring students together and deepen their personal journey of life. the students learn about vedic principles, and how they can be applied in modern times. Krishnasoc is open to everyone. Some come for the delicious veggie food and the soulful kirtan.

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Open Days

These are an integral part of the Manor giving a chance for all ages to discover and enjoy such things as bullock cart rides, yoga workshops, complementary therapies, and free vegetarian food. admission and parking are free.

School Visits

The Manor is a popular destination for school groups of all ages, who visit from all over the south-east. on most days during term time one or two groups visit. They are given a tour of the estate, taking in the farm and gardens, and the main house including the temple, theatre and the founder’s quarters. These visits have become a well-established tradition with many local schools.

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Krishna Club

A regular sunday school has been running at Bhakivedanta Manor every week since 1994. It provides a balanced system of krishna Conscious education for 5–18 year olds in a fun and informative way. The children learn
Krishna philosophy in a caring and spiritual atmosphere.